HMS Bounty

On Tuesday night a two-part documentary that sees a crew re-live the perilous maritime adventure of the Mutiny on the Bounty
Hull has been an unsung lynchpin in the historical makeup of our nation, a role it continued to fill effortlessly, even during Britain's darkest days during World War Two. Just as we have done throughout recorded history, Hull played an indispensible role in the allied defence of home soil, and indeed in the eventual allied victory, with the inhabitants of the city paying a massive price.
I don't know if Luigi had Mafia connections, but everyone in Sorrento seemed suspiciously well primed to do his bidding. He was a cheerful local police officer, who befriended my family when we visited Italy in the 1980s, and ferried us about in his faintly preposterous but fabulous squad car.
Last October, Hurricane Sandy sank a working replica of HMS Bounty, and claimed the lives of two crew members, one of whom was the vivacious Claudene Christian, a direct descendant of the mutineer Fletcher Christian.
Dramatic video has been released of the rescue of 14 people from the 180-foot sailing ship HMS Bounty. The boat lost power
The US Coast Guard rescued 14 people from the 180-foot sailing ship HMS Bounty on Monday, with two crew members still missing