Home Affairs Committee

Staff in the UK Border Agency have been told their jobs will stay exactly the same - despite the Home Secretary trumpeting
Pressure has increased on the home secretary to intervene in the case of a former soldier who is facing extradition to America
Yesterday's debate should not have been about the ethnicity and religion of the abuser, nor should it be an opportunity to tarnish an entire community. This is a debate about the vulnerability of victims, let's not forget about them.
The former Metropolitan Police Commissioner Ian Blair has warned that Theresa May's plans to reshape the police is sending
Arrangements for extradition between the US and the UK should be radically changed to restore public confidence, said a group
MPs have criticised the police's handling of the riots in England in August, suggesting they should have mobilised more officers
Brodie Clark will no doubt be quite satisfied with his attempts to demolish the credibility of Theresa May during his appearance
Scotland Yard should not be asked to take on additional functions following the upheaval caused by the phone hacking scandal