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In one of the most disadvantaged inner-city neighbourhoods in the country, a community project is working to transform the lives of young people – using horses. The Ebony Horse Club was founded by Ros Spearing in Loughborough Junction, with the club offering children from the area a sanctuary from urban life whilst teaching them the value of hard work, patience and working with others.
In which members of an Irish hunt club in County Longford tackle a canalside stretch - and one of them (Terry Whyte) comes
You'll feel sore in the morning I was warned, ahead of my first time on horseback in years. But when you're out West and have the chance to go riding, isn't that the kind of thing you worry about afterwards? I reckon so...
There are a few unavoidable complications to being blind. Aside from the agony of wardrobe choice and having to learn how to negotiate high heels in the equivalent of a blackout there is the identity of certain common or garden things that stubbornly remain a mystery to me...
I've been a bit flighty the last few years, but I'm naturally quite earthy. I guess I just have to balance the fact I'm really a traveller, who got a bit sidetracked for too long, with somewhere to oil paint, cook, dig and bathe. I dread to think how much of my life I've spent in a depressed stupor.
I've been competing since 1976 and have been lucky enough to travel the world with my sport, but there's always a real buzz around the World Cup Finals. It really is the best of the best with riders from all over the world flying in to go head to head in front of a passionate crowd. There are 40 riders from 20 countries taking part so it's tough.
When I have finished a painting, I find it hard to summon up the confidence to start on another, I can fall into a bit of a pit, so if there are already roughed in works, it's like I'm not really stopping. I'll probably do a different kind of work soon, I'll probably be in a different place. Though these works, feel like my main work, I keep coming back to them.
A young rider who died after falling from his horse during an eventing competition has been named as Tom Gadsby. The 26-year
A rider has died in an accident at a horse trial event, British Eventing said tonight. The Somerford Park horse trials, held
Horse-riding can be accessible to anyone and everyone. In addition to the pleasure it brings, there's also a strong element of physical and mental therapy being around horses. They make you feel calmer. The Riding for the Disabled Association is a charity that's close to my heart and I try to help as much as I can. The organisation gives people with limited movement the opportunity to feel full movement on a horse. It gives children with disabilities access to therapeutic interaction with horses in a safe and supportive environment.
Thoroughbred race horses are magnificent animals, so trusting, caring and graceful. But they are also highly strung and flighty. The children at Riding for the Disabled Association (RDA) need an animal which is patient, safe and with a calm temperament, so the type of horses we keep at Manor House Stables wouldn't be suitable... the great news is that Clare did eventually manage to help find the perfect horse for the young people in Carlisle, a beautiful and gentle natured horse called Nutmeg. And it's not just Nutmeg that will help the riders at RDA.
Despite being just over three months pregnant with her first child, Zara Phillips has said that will continue to compete
I just had a show open in MALBA, a very beautiful contemporary art Museum in Buenos Aires. It's my first museum show in South America. In fact it's my first museum show anywhere on the American continent.
Now, we know you're all very bright people - but it's never a bad idea to re-familiarise ourselves with basic health and
If you want to ramp up your fitness but can’t be bothered to leave the house, why not jump on a saddle and ride a pretend
The people of Ledbury have just kicked plans for a new Tesco out after a big fight. The people of Hay are no push-overs and are asking for a public enquiry.....Maybe time to get Westminster involved after all.
Tales of foxes killing entire coops of chickens and geese fuel the fire here in the countryside, meanwhile the townies talk of hounds ripping the throats of family pets in their crazed efforts to hunt down the "poor little fox". Whatever the argument, the sport is certainly not relegated to history and seems to actually be thriving and growing amidst all the ideological conflict.