Housing Market

Moving house is stressful. First you have to find somewhere close enough to work, but cheap enough to afford, and then leap
'What about those without an inheritance or wealthy parents?'
    Read more on The Huffington Post News that the ‘Bank Of Mum and Dad’ will pump £6.5 billion into property transactions
Labour's John Healey tells HuffPost UK his party will create a dedicated Housing Ministry
Labour will create a dedicated Housing Ministry in order to get to grips with the homeownership crisis sweeping across the
I recently bought a flat in London. Well, whoop-de-doo for me. Not so far out of town (Wolverhampton, for instance) that
When I first read the article about Fergus Wilson, the buy to let tycoon who has banned coloured people from renting his
The Prime Minister's bold vision to fix the broken housing market once and for all has underscored numerous government policy announcements in recent months. The Chancellor's Budget this week may nod in this same direction, but the property market should not expect a cash windfall or a hand-up from the Treasury in the months to come.
'The going tooth fairy rates in my house were about £10k per tooth.'
But HSBC’s head of mortgages Tracie Pearce said: “It’s interesting to see that many young people don’t think they’ll ever