Howard League For Penal Reform

Just 153 out of 4,000 potential inmates released as campaigners condemn use of “inhumane" solitary confinement to battle Covid.
Justice secretary Robert Buckland did not publish the guidance, instead waiting for a much lower estimate of 100 nearly a month later.
Cases have been confirmed in almost half of the prisons in England and Wales.
At no time in its history has Feltham Young Offenders Institute been a safe or loving or constructive place for children. They deserve a better chance and a better future – as do their victims.
The evidence from Her Majesty's Chief Inspector of Prisons could not be clearer - the state is failing to its duty to protect children. There is not a single prison in the country where a child is safe. As Dr Miller told the local politicians in the 1970s: "You can have the institutions; we are taking the kids."
The elephant in the room is the one thing that she has refused to do and the one thing that will make a difference. It is the one thing that was used to hit the Sunday headlines. She has to reduce the number of prisoners. Prisons will not be safe and purposeful if they are grossly overcrowded. It will not work.
A prison regime should be built around a normal life... This is far from the reality of life in prison and there has rightly been deep public concern at reports of deaths, murders, violent attacks on prisoners and staff and the bloodbath resulting from self-injury.
'Staff resort to the police, often over minor incidents that would never come to officers’ attention if they happened in family homes'
Police are being called to children's homes, the vast majority run by for-profit companies, criminalising youngsters for
That the speech took place at all was much more important than what was in it - the policies announced are all fairly small-scale and will have little to no impact if pushed through without comprehensive sentencing reform.