The former transport secretary hinted that the next phase of the project will be scrapped.
Downing Street has failed to deny that the ill-fated project is facing more cuts.
Government accused of "outrageous attempt to avoid scrutiny" by sneaking out update on long-awaited high-speed rail project.
The host of the BBC Radio 4 Today programme was quick to point out a major flaw in the new railway plans.
Transport secretary accuses Sky News of "not accurate reporting" when challenged over why key lines have been scrapped.
"A decade of promises to give families in our region parity (not more!) of opportunity with other families elsewhere, all broken."
The former minister asked whether voters were 'right to take the prime minister at his word' amid speculation key rail lines could be scrapped.
"Choose fair transport investment. Choose our future. Choose the north.”
The prime minister is proving again what a wily politician he really is.
Tory MP and foreign affairs committee chair Tom Tugendhat joins Arj Singh and Paul Waugh to discuss why he's been so vocal in his concern about Chinese tech giant Huawei being given a role in Britain's 5G infrastructure. Also on the podcast, the trio look at the other big decisions set to define Boris Johnson’s first year in office and what happens now Brexit is happening.