Hugh Hefner

Backlash to the Cambridge Analytica data scandal continues.
Belatedly now I'm speaking out, fortunately from a better place in life. I'm married to a really understanding guy. I run my own business and I'm positive about my gender identity and sexual expression. When I was a girl I had no inspirational stories to read that helped me understand who I was.
Here's how the Maintenance of Surviving Spouses Act could save you.
The 31-year-old calls him a pioneer, says she's "heartbroken".
Hugh Hefner’s widow Crystal has broken her silence, following her husband’s death at the age of 91. Speaking to People magazine
The cultured lens of Playboy created a new space for literary life ― one with no particular interest in welcoming female readers.
Hugh Hefner, the American businessman behind Playboy magazine, has died of natural causes aged 91. He founded the men's magazine in 1953, with the image of the Playboy Bunny becoming a cultural symbol that has seen global recognition and success
The "revolution" he sparked was primarily in service of men’s desires -- and specifically his own.
He liberated men to treat women in public the way they treated certain women in private.