ice age

The remnants of a rhino and deserted village were discovered too.
It was only 6,000 years ago that it frequently rained in the Sahara desert, leaving it covered in vast vegetation and grasslands
Scientists in Germany have said that the increase in greenhouse gasses may have actually delayed the next ice age by around
How does cinema follow a year like 2015? Three of the top 10 grossing films of all time in the UK were released within a seven month period and two of them became only the third and fourth films in history to cross the £90m mark. Add to that two of the biggest animated titles of all time, and it's clear that 2016 has a tough act to follow.
The Earth could be plunged into a 'mini ice age' in just 15 years from now according to new research which looks at the Sun's
If Ann Summers had been around during the Ice Age, this is definitely the kind of penis-shaped paraphernalia they'd be selling
The debate over when wolves, the ancestors of modern dogs, were first domesticated by man has raged for decades, with modern
A newly described dinosaur resembled a weird combination of parrot, vampire bat and porcupine. Pegomastax africanus, which