There are over 500 million active monthly users on Instagram. (If that doesn't put it into perspective for you, imagine every
WHAT IS GOING ON? This video of someone pouring a glass of water is causing people brain pain across the world as they struggle
There are many who thoroughly appreciate having a magician approach and perform for them. However far too large a percentage are under the impression they dislike magic, simply because their exposure to the genre has been so limited.
A surreal new artwork makes it look as though a 40-foot building in London’s historic Covent Garden Market is floating away
I've said it before that Facebook only offers a highlight reel of what is truly taking place in someone's life. There is always an exceptional amount of effort that goes into portraying what may seemingly be a a life that is envied. We are all slaves to the appearance of luxury. And it's all nonsense.
The South Bank in London is once again home to the E4 Udderbelly, London Wonderground and brand new headline show 'Limbo' from the team behind last years hit 'Cantina' is running from now through to September.
Earlier this month I got to sit down with master illusionist, his words not mine, Hans Klok for a little chat about his new show The Houdini Experience. I am an award winning (and highly modest) mind-reader who can't read minds, whose always loved magic, but illusions, just haven't excited me. Has Hans managed to change that with his first London show. You know what? I think he has.
Who? I hear you cry... Let's not forget I am a mind-reader, albeit a mind-reader who can't read minds. Hans Klok? You know? No he's not a stripper... Although he does have the perfect name for one. He's the fastest magician ever.