Raising fears of boogeymen is the president's modus operandi. Here are just some examples.
When you’re trained to keep your distance within the same household, keeping six feet away from strangers is a piece of cake.
Immigrants could be asked to give out vital information in a language they do not understand.
Here is a little taste of various phrases Trump has used to demean as well as vilify immigrants.
World Refugee Day was established to commemorate ‘the strength, courage and perseverance’ of refugees but in 2018, a series of news headlines reinforces why we need the day more than ever.
“You must show compassion and humanity,” Vicente Fox admonished Trump, after the U.S. president calls immigrants “animals”.
The president reportedly suggested the U.S. needs fewer immigrants from Haiti and Africa, and more from places like Norway.
'The UK wouldn’t be where it is if it wasn’t for all the immigrants.'
Following Jigsaw’s pro-immigration ad campaign in response to Brexit we spoke with immigrants about how the advert made them
There is a bunch of people, again a minority, that think patriotism is about being militant and British to the bone. The fact is we are all children of immigration, we all have and will continue to benefit from immigration.