Decent, safe homes, a woman's right to choose, a society that does not discriminate, these are values for all. We will continue to demonstrate until they are achieved.
'Nothing can come between us, not courts, or jail. Nothing.'
A mother and son who pleaded guilty to incest have vowed to continue their relationship, despite a court ruling ordering
'Can't get over how handsome you are'
A 44-year-old mother and her 25-year-old son have been charged with incest. Melissa Nell Kitchens and Shaun Thomas Pfeiffer
Patricia Ann Spann had also married her son in 2008
A woman and her daughter have been charged with incest after they were legally married earlier this year. Patricia Ann Spann
Attitudes to male abuse have progressed since I published my book in 1990, but there is still some way to go to encourage men to report abuse and/or seek support to recover from the effects of that abuse. Campaigns like this will undoubtedly help.
The Scottish Parliament has been forced to hold one of its most bizarre ever debates after one man put forward a petition
Germany’s national ethics council has voted for an end to the criminalisation of incest between siblings. In a statement