'Society is now better for individualism.'
Unless, it seems, we cooperate with one another. Computerised models show this works. It seems the trick is not to vote for we want for ourselves, but to vote for what is best for ourselves in conjunction with others. Working together, it seems, strikes a better deal than thinking individualistically. But that's a whole different ball game.
This is the story behind the teller. I work 7 days a week. I have four (and a half) jobs. I am an academic mentor at a Sixth Form College, a Private Tutor, a Nanny, a Blogger and a Postgrad Student all in one. Honestly, sometimes it feels like I literally have no life.
A few days ago a friend explained how devastating and depressed he was about the Brexit decision and the long term consequences for the country. I reminded him of some of the challenges the country has faced and overcame.
After the screening, held in a swanky cinema at London's Barbican centre, a world away from a Welsh pit mine, various friends of Mark Ashton stood up to thank Warchus for portraying the events in such a truthful way, some of them weeping, they were so proud.
'Be yourself' as Oscar Wilde said, you may as well be as everyone else has been taken. Being a woman in a very male dominated industry I am often asked has that been a hurdle, the answer is nooooo definitely not. In fact by and large I have always seen it as a distinct advantage.
The right to autonomy, self-determination, freedom, liberty, call it what one may, is a core component of a democracy - democracy resembling a house of cards; take a fundamental piece out and the whole structure will eventually collapse in on itself...
The dearth of women in leadership, not only in the UK, but around the world means that women in power often find themselves hailed as feminist icons, whether they identify with the goals of women's liberation or not.
Take a few headline statistics from last week's national census: numbers of people in Britain identifying as Christian, dropping fast, numbers professing no religion, growing, numbers in Britain born outside the country, growing fast.
Stereotypes make me part of all the nouns that define me, and for all of those names, numbers, groups and classes, whether I like them or not, I'm bloody grateful.