Institute for Fiscal Studies

Rishi Sunak criticised by independent think-tank for freezing public sector pay for political not economic reasons.
Think-tank says chancellor's claims 'sound substantial' but not borne out by the figures.
Flagship promise of 50,000 'new' nurses among questions raised from Boris Johnson's blueprint for power.
The prime minister said people would get a £500 tax cut next year – which is not true.
The Institute for Fiscal Studies says debt would climb to almost 90% of national income for the first time since the mid 1960s.
A report by the Institute For Fiscal Studies found that regional wealth inequality is getting worse, and Labour says it's the government's fault.
"These are expensive pledges," says the Institute for Fiscal Studies.
Average weekly earnings in London are 66% higher than those in the North East.
Those with disabilities are also hardest hit in the long run, researchers found.
Sectors like car manufacturing and dairy would be "particularly hard hit".