Internet and Networking Technology

The porn block has been delayed. But how effective will it be in the first place? There is a whole world of sexual experience online, and teenagers are viewing it.
5G, or fifth generation wireless technology, is considered the next game-changing innovation. Increasing internet speeds up to 100 times faster than 4G, and with close to zero latency, this new wireless network would transform the way we use media, driverless cars, communications, and much more. Internationally, large telecoms companies are in a race to develop the technology and build the infrastructure needed to carry the 5G signal. The UK government announced it would use some of the technology developed by China’s Huawei, a move which has caused national security concern over exposure to the Chinese government on the communication systems.
It comes amid reports that May bypassed Cabinet concerns about security and working with the firm.
"We shouldn't make their lives easy," says digital minister.
Personal details of around 2.7 million UK customers were targeted by attackers.