Iran nuclear deal

But first he managed to insult and attack just about everyone at the G-20 summit who could help him defuse the tensions with Iran he created in the first place.
Donald Trump has announced that the United states will withdraw from the Iran nuclear deal. Iran had previously warned the U.S against this move.
Former CIA director John Brennan ripped into Donald Trump over his decision to pull the U.S. out of the Iran nuclear treaty.
The U.S. and Europe have always had disputes. But the worry is that something fundamental is shifting.
The move puts the future of the 2015 international agreement in crisis.
A guide to the 2015 international agreement that Donald Trump has plunged into crisis.
Some people care more about job growth than the survival of future generations, he said.
The US secretary of state Rex Tillerson is reported to have called Trump 'a (expletive deleted) moron' after a meeting in which the president apparently suggested that the US should increase its nuclear arsenal ten-fold. So in future, when Tillerson seeks to reassure nervous allies abroad, I suggest he simply tells them that the Babbler-in-Chief is babbling again, and they should take no notice.
When I told people I was going on holiday to Iran, the most common response was: 'Why?' Some were more positively curious and some knowingly envious, but for many my holiday choice was downright perverse.
The idea of a springtime in relations between Iran and the rest of the world is fanciful, a false spring no less. A new, slightly warmer relationship between London and Tehran might indeed lead to scheduled BA flights... but I'm unconvinced that anything fundamental has changed or is likely to do so.