Irritable Bowel Syndrome

They're in almost every recipe you eat, and doctors report it's not an uncommon sensitivity for people with gastrointestinal distress.
Up to 10% of individuals that catch a stomach bug develop IBS - but no one is talking about it.
"Detox smoothies, fancy supplements, and yoga poses all sound like a divine promise to someone who feels like a bloated Teletubby 75% of the time."
The painful condition can spread to your bowel and other organs.
Despite how many people have irritable bowel syndrome, it’s a health condition that’s still highly misunderstood.
Stress, diet and sleep could all be exacerbating your symptoms.
April is Irritable Bowel Syndrome Awareness Month. HuffPost UK looks at the common triggers for IBS and treatments offered. It’s thought that 12 million people in the UK are impacted by the condition, which is characterised by frequent abdominal discomfort and bowel symptoms that cannot be explained by any other disease.