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Abdul-Hakim Belhaj has alleged that MI6 helped the US kidnap him in 2004.
Former Foreign Secretary Jack Straw faces being sued by a former Libyan dissident over allegations of abduction and torture
Former PM had 'personal, political and psychological dominance' over his ministers
Tony Blair’s case for war in Iraq went “beyond the facts” in a way that caused long-term damage to public trust in politics
Still living with the devastating consequences of the doomed Iraq invasion, this country has been thrust into yet another cataclysmic, life altering upheaval. With the same hallmarks of group-think and remorseless psychopathy, I wonder how much more chaos and reckless abandon, this weary world can take.
Tony Blair and Jack Straw “must have known” about the torture of British prisoner Shaker Aamer by the United States, the
One of Britain's biggest newspapers has launched a blistering attack on the commissioner who ruled against it in an investigation
David Cameron has welcomed a report that cleared former Tory defence secretary Sir Malcolm Rifkind of wrong doing in the
The Liberal Democrats will rise from the dead "like Lazarus" if Labour members elected Jeremy Corbyn as leader, Jack Straw