As search efforts continued to find the fuselage of the Lion Air flight that crashed into the Java sea on Monday, officials have reported that body parts have been found among the debris at the suspected crash site. The Indonesian transport ministry has ordered an inspection for all Boeing 737 Max 8 planes.
A Lion Air flight is believed to have crashed into the sea off Jakarta, Indonesia, with 189 people reported to be on board. Search and rescue operations have begun, while some personal belongings and debris has been found in the water around the suspected crash site.
The brand new aircraft lost contact with air traffic control just 13 minutes after takeoff.
In April this year, the seventh Indonesian president, Joko Widodo (known colloquially as 'Jokowi') travelled to the UK. During
As Indonesians, accessing the official website of the English Premier League (EPL) offers a channel to something interesting
Dear Mr. Corbyn, We are writing on behalf of Indonesian people in the UK. As your admirers, we were surprised to read your
As this article is published, Nasiah, along with many others, are still drifting in the boat house. They have no idea for how long they should stay there. What is certain is that they have now lost not only the places they usually call home, but also long-held memories and the future to which they have been looking forward.
Whenever she is called, Celina says frequently, 'Pardon', to clarify our utterances. With her authentic smile and shy character, she then said; 'I am sorry, my English is not good'. Celina arrived in Manchester with obsequious English skills and a simple dream; to work as a cleaner in a restaurant.
The recent leak of the Panama Papers, which shook the world, also raises the political temperature in Indonesia. Included on the list are a number of Indonesian business tycoons who have been involved in different legal cases in Indonesia.
Recently, a massive demonstration took place in Jakarta, organised by a group of taxi and three-wheeler drivers. As reported