James Murdoch

James Murdoch has quit the board of the media company, citing "disagreements over certain editorial content”.
James and Kathryn Murdoch said they were “disappointed with the ongoing denial” after months of devastating fires in Australia.
But is this the beginning of the end for Fox News' pro Trump stance?
James Murdoch, the younger son of Fox News founder and acting CEO Rupert Murdoch, has come out swinging against President
Ed Miliband has slammed Rupert Murdoch’s attempt to take full control of Sky as he demanded the government reject the bid
Forget Andy Coulson. If you can, forget phone-hacking. The real scandal is how senior politicians - and police officers - allowed themselves to be used by a ruthless media tycoon for his own commercial ends. And if you think it's all over, it's not.
VICE, that principled and occasionally self-righteous media outlet, is reportedly lining up a new director - James Murdoch
I guess the answer is don't give up on the large television companies just yet. Yes, there will be huge pressure from the new guard of Netflix, Google, Vice and Amazon all wanting a slice of the content market. But right now the number one light entertainment shows on both sides of the continent are still Pop Idol and the X Factor
It's probably fair to say that the re-election of James Murdoch onto the board of BSkyB doesn't seem like the biggest scandal facing the media at the moment. With the shocking allegations of abuse at the BBC and the issuing of 'privacy claims' over alleged hacking at the Daily Mirror, the fact that Murdoch remains as a director of one of Britain's biggest companies could easily have gone unnoticed.