Jim Fitzpatrick

But fellow ex-firefighter MP Mike Penning says alarm, lights failure as worrying
A former fire minister and firefighter has declared that “the finger is pointing at Government” over the Grenfell Tower blaze
In the spot light, under the big top, a baby elephant balances on a red and white striped ball. He can't take his eyes off the person holding the metal hook - for he performs under threat of punishment. His fear is that the elephant hook will, yet again, be shoved into his sensitive skin.
There are millions of ways a politician can shoot his or herself in the foot. Perhaps she gets too easily distracted, and fails to show up for hearings. Or maybe he abstains from key votes, and tweets crotch-shots to impressionable teens. Well, Labour's shadow transport minister, Jim Fiztpatrick, has taken political absurdity to new heights...
Politicians are deserting counter-extremism group Student Rights, the Huffington Post UK can exclusively reveal, following