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A Labour front-bencher has admitted using "industrial language" in a foul-mouthed row with education secretary Michael Gove
The latest lobbying allegations to hit Parliament are "a new low for British politics", a senior MP has said. Shadow defence
The failure of the merger between BAE and EADS was inevitable once political differences came to the fore. The UK government has done the right thing in sticking to red lines, but ministers now have a challenge to deliver the active defence industrial strategy which is needed more than ever before.
There can be little doubt that Britain's nuclear weapons will be a hot topic in the next general election campaign. With a decision on whether or not to replace Trident previously expected in this parliament, one of the coalition government's early decisions was to push this controversial choice back to 2016.
Gawd bless Ed Miliband. Even when he's being serious, he can't help but make us smile. Take these latest photos of him visiting
The Equalities Act which prohibits discrimination against people based on their race, religion, gener or sexuality should
Liam Fox cannot be scapegoated for the government's decision to perform an embarrassing U-turn over which type of jet to
A major U-turn over the fighter aircraft for the Royal Navy's new carriers is expected to be confirmed on Thursday. Ministers
Ed Miliband will today launch an attack on Scotland's First Minister, claiming his drive for independence would fail to make
The armed forces risk losing vital skills because of the speed of the government's defence cuts, the Whitehall spending watchdog