job applications

They say it holds back those who commit crimes in childhood.
Tick boxes which require job applicants to state whether they have a criminal record should be scrapped, MPs say. Members
A month after leaving University it was evident that the days of receiving cushioned feedback for each piece of work were in the past. Employers are brutal; they hold expectations higher than conservative grandparents, yet lack the politeness to go with them.
When it comes to getting where you want to be on the career ladder, there are numerous ways to get your foot on your favoured
There's a huge debate between career experts right now over whether or not you should put a photo on your CV - after all
Be grown up, meticulous, thorough and treat it as a sales pitch for product YOU, and your cover letter will be anything but uninspiring - and it'll get those recruiters reading your incredible CV.
In our society, if you want something, you go out and buy it. Getting a job is one of the few instances where money is completely irrelevant. A job is quite literally priceless, so at some point someone is going to reject you from a dream opportunity and there'll be nothing you can do about it. For once in our consumerist society, wanting isn't getting...
Feedback. Yes, it's a big ask but it is also something that has the potential to transform young people's lives.
So here you are. The exams are here at last and soon, after long hard years, the education system will finally spit you out. You are on course for the degree you had hoped for and the horizon should be aglow with the gold of success. Alas, then, that across that gilded prospect there should fall the shadow of a cloud. This year, as always, many talented graduates will have difficulty in finding a job...
A job application is cringe-y thing. It is not something you want your boss seeing. It is not something you want the world