Job Creation

'Supporting local innovation will drive growth and job creation in those companies.'
'It costs jobseekers about R550 a month in transport and administrative costs to actively search for a job in South Africa.'
South Africa’s labour market is not future-proof – nearly 75 percent of employees in South Africa are low-skilled or semi-skilled.
Graduates, I hate to burst the excitement bubble, but some of you are going to join the unemployment club.
Since the commodity-cycle slumped at the start of the 2010s, some started debating the inclusion of South Africa in BRICS.
The country has an opportunity to realise conditions “in which a reformed ruling party will introduce reforms to restore the rule of law".
Misconceptions and sparse data can erroneously make rural areas seem like unattractive prospects for investment, sales and corporate expansion.
'The challenges and opportunities ahead for Blackburn are very different to those for Brighton.'
It’s not enough any longer to simply want to learn.
Pineapple production is a huge business opportunity in the area, given its ideal climatic conditions and suitability for cultivation.