Joe Anderson

Anderson, who was arrested as part of a corruption investigation last week, says he has no case to answer.
In a short message released on Saturday Anderson urged people to "stick together and support each other and win this battle".
A third have experienced physical violence, sixty per cent have been verbally abused - these are some of the most vulnerable in our society
Already, we can see a spike in council tax arrears, not to mention the snaking queues at foodbanks and families struggling with things like school uniform costs
A policy that actively seeks to penalise claimants is a perfect storm that will lead to widespread hardship
When I was a young boy growing up in post-war Liverpool in a family dependant on benefits, I learned what it was like to go cap in hand to survive. One of the worst aspects of poverty is that your potential in life is so completely limited. It's hard to do pretty much anything with nothing in your pocket. Food becomes scarcer. Hobbies and trips are rationed. Christmas is an ordeal. Half a century later, in one of the richest countries in the world, I see it happening all over again.
An international manhunt is now underway for a murderer who escaped custody during a hospital visit conducted with “woefully
The Sun's coverage amplified the grief of the families and fans. The hurt caused was deep and genuine. The effects of the paper's tawdry coverage has lasted for nearly three decades. But Kelvin MacKenzie, the editor at the time, now says he was "completely duped" after being fed the story by a press agency. Pull the other one. This is the classic defence of ignorance, in this case, from the ignorant... why do they persist with MacKenzie? He is a disgrace to journalism and an abiding symbol of how the paper isn't really sorry for the hurt and harm it did to the Hillsborough families and Liverpool more generally.
Earlier this month we saw a huge increase in votes for UKIP and people discussing the subject of immigration. Whether or not you agree with those votes, the simple fact is that millions voiced their concerns and to just ignore them and their opinions is nothing short of disrespectful. It is simply saying we hear you but we are not listening...