Johann Hari

'No one can ever say the world is united behind this goal of drug-free world'.
We've barely had time for introductions, but already Johann Hari is reeling off tips about Britain's war on drugs for me
Isn't it about time we afforded society and all of its members the dignity of treating a possible dependency through professionalism and basic levels of understanding. We set ourselves up for a fall when we try to distinguish who's entitled to care based on the noun of what their problem may be. Addictions shouldn't be feared, but they should have default impartiality.
NEW YORK -- Johann Hari said he would not return to journalism in the UK when questioned on Monday about resuming a role
Journalist Johann Hari has apologised to two other reporters for making "cowardly" anonymous online attacks against them
Did you see the debate? A debate with a host of celebrities: Russell Brand, Sir Richard Branson; world leaders, and eminent opinion formers. Oh, and Peter Hitchens was in attendance. A debate of such magnitude would surely not creep under the radar? Especially given the gravitas of the contested subject?
Disgraced columnist Johann Hari will not return to his job at the Independent newspaper. Hari took the decision not to return
Disgraced columnist Johann Hari is set to return to his job at the Independent newspaper in 'four to five weeks', the Leveson
A senior journalist at one of Britain's biggest newspapers has been accused of "shameless" plagiarism after a row over two
Put simply, Hari's double first from Cambridge would pale into insignificance next to the kind of applied, focused journalism training provided on an NCTJ course.