Jonah Hill

Fans of the IT Crowd will know him as Moss. Fans of Submarine will know him as, um, the director of Submarine. Americans
Honestly - celebs, you can't take them anywhere sometimes. If they're not flashing their pants then they're pulling faces
Jonah Hill has succeeded in doing what lies beyond the reach of many actors before him - transforming himself physically
Russell Brand has christened it "the only film better for leaving Johnny Depp out". Although the original TV series of 21
The Fast and the Furious, Superbad and Never Been Kissed. You wouldn't see these films stacked together in the video store
Moneyball co-stars Brad Pitt and Jonah Hill are to reteam for a new movie about New York Times journalist Michael Finkel
Moneyball star Jonah Hill may have been championed for his dramatic weight loss, but it looks like the pounds are creeping
We knew Kenneth Branagh had a few arrows in his bow, but his Oscar nomination yesterday as Best Supporting Actor means he's
Jonah Hill is a talented comic actor whose career has seen him star in a host of Judd Apatow produced films and writer and
Just a couple of years ago, Jonah Hill was as disheveled n real life as the characters he played in Superbad and Knocked