Jonathan Van-Tam

Quiet minority of MPs wonder if the hotel plan will actually work
Deputy chief medical officer cautions those making plans with other households over "making guesses about the unknown".
Health secretary Matt Hancock gives a coronavirus press briefing as the UK reports 12.2 million people have been vaccinated, with another 333 deaths in the past 24 hours. Earlier, South Africa temporarily halted the rollout of the Oxford AstraZeneca vaccine after one report suggests its effectiveness against the South African variant was greatly diminished.
Mid-February vaccination target looks on course, but that’s when the PM has his next big challenge.
Plan to give Tory MPs their "tiny tiers" threatens a new split with advisers.
Fans also loved "JVT" ending his monologues with a truck driver's "over".
Tooting on bugles. Penalty shoot-outs. Train doors.
Deputy chief medical officer Jonathan Van-Tam says "hard measures" are needed where the virus is "out of control" but not across England.
Sage minutes lay bare the truth. A big political danger for him, a bigger public health danger for the rest of us?
NHS warns there are now more Covid-19 patients in hospital than when lockdown was imposed in March.