Katie Price has proved we really should 'never underestimate The Pricey' after winning a debate at the Cambridge Union. The
Katie Price has sparked rumours she is back with her Argentinian toyboy Leandro Penna after the pair dined together at London
It's not exactly unusual for famous types to have their Twitter account hacked (just ask Britney, Gaga, et al) so when a
Israel's booming economy (it currently has a higher credit rating than America), its progressive relatively open nature and need for cheap labour are main reasons for the immigrant crush. Another reason is because it has the highest UN Human Development Index rating in the Mid East.
Did Katie Price not get the memo about it being December? Maybe she's still got her LA head on because she was dressed more
Peter Andre and his team go to huge efforts to maintain his saintly image and paint him as the perfect dad. So, it's no surprise
With so much in common you'd think Katie Price and Jodie Marsh would be BFFs by now. They've both got the fake hair, the
The number of cases of breast implants bursting or leaking has nearly trebled in the last four years, figures have revealed
When it comes to shameless self promotion, Katie Price is queen. In fact, I'm surprised she hasn't tried to copyright the
Katie Price is pretty media savvy. Just yesterday she managed to get her own name in the news on the back of ex-husband Peter