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British Bill of Rights is the right thing for the country; we must bring our rights home. As Isaiah Berlin once said, "freedom for the pike is death for the minnows" and we shall be no minnow in the European pond.
UPDATE: Say Goodbye To The Human Rights Act Now The Tories Are In Charge Michael Gove - the new Justice Secretary - once
The Daily Mail has been forced to make a humiliating correction to a piece written for the newspaper by Chris Grayling about
New laws introduced this weekend will outlaw the frankly disgraceful behaviour we've seen from some of the dubious characters who have gathered in this industry. We're ending the situation where any old thug can turn up and work as a bailiff. From now on everyone working in the industry will have to be properly trained and certificated before they get started - and if they break our tough new rules they will have that certification taken away. All of this will clean up the industry and protect people from aggression and exploitation.
Under pressure of budget cuts and economies of scale, prisons are getting fewer and larger, with a drive to close small community and open prisons, build larger jails and add additional capacity to existing establishments. Since 2010 there have been 13 prison closures and a further six still to come.
They say that crime doesn't pay. I don't know who "they" are in this context but "they" probably couldn't find their face with both hands. Talk to the experts, the people who really know about crime, the ones on the front line, and story is different. If you ask actual criminals, they will tell you that it pays rather handsomely, thank you very much.
Justice secretary Chris Grayling has signalled in a letter to MPs that he is preparing to rework one of the most heavily
Young and vulnerable victims of horrific crimes are to be offered the chance to pre-record evidence for criminal trials in
Labour has moved to force the government to pilot proposed changes to the probation service that are expected to see around
Government plans to overhaul legal aid threaten to destroy the "world-renowned" British justice system, barristers have told