kashmir conflict

The much-disputed region is, once again, the epicentre for potential conflict.
In 2010, a little known report predicted the catastrophic 2014 Kashmir floods. Greater Kashmir wrote wrote "Highly placed
Centred on two orphaned siblings Ashrafi and Bilal, set to the backdrop of the conflict in Kashmir, The Djinns of Eidgah is about the generation born into this seemingly endless conflict, which has no sign of being resolved.
With one of the highest rates of post traumatic stress disorder in the world, the impact is obvious. Nevertheless, their plight is largely forgotten by India and west.
It is not clear to me why the human rights abuses within Jammu and Kashmir (Indian administered) have not been headline news all over the world. Certainly, the Indian media appears to have muted the events in Kashmir.
Why do terrorists group behead? “Simply to create terror,” says Adrian Levy, the award-winning journalist and author, whose