keir starmer

There's often a lot of talk of victims 'having their day in court'. Sometimes, though, it's far easier said than done. On Thursday, six young women watched the men who subjected them to nothing short of modern day slavery go to prison for 95 years.
The BBC's is currently under fire for an article on the recent CPS report stating false rape allegations are indeed rare and that a disproportionate focus on such allegations deters many victims from coming forward.
The DPP's plan to re-assess the reliability and credibility tests for young and vulnerable victims is much needed and will help to address the issue of taking child victims seriously. There will be less focus on the victims' credibility and more on the suspect and their pattern of behaviour.
Real time social media communications have utterly flattened and revolutionized the ways of the world. But with this incredible good has come a large measure of bad. The anonymous internet troll is now ubiquitous, the keyboard warrior is part of the daily rhythm and the anti-social social media user is common place.