ken loach

For disciples of Corbynism, like Ken Loach, the EU embodies ‘neoliberalism’, symbolising the departure from Spirit of ‘45 socialism. It represents an interconnected, capitalist direction of travel, that must be halted
Corbyn ally calls for deselections as anti-Semitism row continues to engulf Labour.
Momentum founder Jon Lansman today admitted there is a problem with anti-semitism within the Labour Party and that it “must
I will never forget the scene in Ken Loach's I, Daniel Blake when the character Katie gets taken into the backroom of a shop for trying to steal tampons because she is too poor to afford them.
'The long dark night that began with Thatcher may be coming to an end.'
Film director Ken Loach has called for Labour MPs who do not support Jeremy Corbyn to be ousted by members.  The man behind