'We also detected planets that range from sub Earth-sized to the size of Jupiter and larger,'
NASA has discovered 10 brand-new planets which it believes are Earth-like, within the habitable zone and so could theoretically
Three years, 4,000 candidates and just 20 have passed.
In the relatively short space of time that it has been active, the Kepler space telescope has single-handedly discovered
Kepler-62f could be the habitable planet we've been waiting for.
A planet discovered by the Kepler space telescope just 1,200 light years away could actually support life. The revelation
That's why Kepler 452 b has hit the headlines this week. It is the most Earthlike in these respects of the thousands of planets Kepler has identified. Its discovery strengthens the claim that there are literally billions of earth-like planets in our Milky Way galaxy with the size and temperature of our Earth.
With NASA's monumental discovery of Kepler-452b otherwise known as a 'Earth 2.0', one has to ask the question: Will it have
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