kezia dugdale

The policy will mean that tax credits are limited to two children, with an exemption for women who became pregnant as a result
Closing the gap between the richest and the rest will be better for our whole economy. More working class people having more money in their pockets will stimulate our economy from the ground up. That's why under my leadership, Scottish Labour has relentlessly pursued an agenda to use the powers of the Scottish Parliament to invest in our economy, not carry on the cuts. 
With the current UK government elected by less than 25% of the electorate, with the centre left arguably firmly shut out of politics, and with the scope to establish the most effective voice at Westminster somewhat stymied by SNP-reduced Parliamentary airspace, this could be a perfect storm set to break over the next couple of years.
Left spent years fighting for change and now succeeds
Jeremy Corbyn supporters have won a significant victory after a knife-edge vote to give Labour conference the right to unpick
Moderates win key vote - but lose another on policy debates
At one point, leftwing NEC member Christine Shawcroft took to the conference stage to interrupt proceedings to insist on
Left were outmaneouvred, 'moderates' claim
Plans to expand Labour’s ruling NEC are set to go ahead despite a last-ditch attempt to stop them at the party conference
Like many of the 74% of under 25s who voted remain, I'm craving the best things about politics: to be inspired and reassured that things will get better. Under the current leadership I have little hope of finding those things in Labour, so it is vital that the MPs see the vote of no-confidence as an opportunity for the party to find its feet again, a real alternative to a government run without their electorate's best interests at heart.