killer robots

The next revolution in warfare threatens to undermine our fundamental principles of morality and law
The UK currently has a doom and gloom attitude towards AI, thanks to TV, film, and regular AI failure news stories. To thoroughly ensure the public feel confident and embrace this technology, the businesses which manufacture, sell, use and promote AI must thoroughly test the quality of the software behind all AI devices to protect against hackers, threats or indeed, robots turning on us and destroying human life.
Losses will be great, but we have already lost so much at each other's hands. Our victory, however, will be in our united, permanent struggle under the banner of a genuine, universal humanity.
Given the risk of being devoured, or otherwise exterminated by the conscious robots of the future why do we persist in developing ever more intelligent computer systems, and ever more agile robotic technologies?
It's a question you've probably asked yourself many times: If the robots do take over where's the safest place to hide? Turns
The United Nations is to debate the legality, necessity and usefulness of killer robots. But the informal meeting will not
Coming soon near you it's The Terminator. Yes, folks the fully autonomous weapon is firmly on the horizon. Whether on the battlefield or targeted on the streets, these weapons should have no place in warfare or policing. But a future where the decision on whether you live or die could soon be made by a Killer Robot. It sounds like science fiction, but the reality is moving ever closer.
A first step towards banning "killer robot" weapons that think for themselves could be taken by the international community
Britain has no intention of constructing killer robots that can go to war without being under the control of humans, the
A campaign launched last month to pre-emptively ban killer robots was given a boost after a draft UN report called for measure