Two men have been charged by police investigating the possible honour killing of a teenager, who was reportedly found stuffed
It's probably going to affect rush hour traffic...
As increasingly odd things continue to happen in plain sight, a double decker bus turned itself into a raging inferno in
Post match celebrations (indentities obsured for security reasons) Our pleasure at being back in Kingston, Jamaica back in
The world's most influential ambassador for reggae music and the Rastafari movement, Robert Nesta Marley is today more alive than ever, and here in the capital city he grew up in he seems almost to have attained the status of a prophet, this 70th birthday concert a kind of grand ceremonial canonisation or coronation in absentia.
Drawing on musical influences from all genres, hip-hop to soul to punk, it's this fusion, energy and drive that makes watching Sanchez vs. Fighter Pilot live such a joy. It's undeniable that these guys are talented musicians, but for Markie when writing the songs, it's always about how it feels over technical ability.
I'd met Tim properly a few weeks earlier; his song writing and live shows had come highly recommended by peers Ruby Day and Sean McGowan. Knowing him as a part of this budding music community I set out to find out a bit more about the young performer.
The question still remains: even after the loss making fat has been cut from the HMV cash cow, what can HMV do to get people back in store and what does this mean for the resurgent indie record shop?
A man came over to the bench and sighed deeply as he sat down next to us. Dad nudged me."He's wearing my anorak." Sure enough, he was wearing the same anorak as Dad, albeit a slightly less battered version. He nudged the man: "Nice anorak," he said. The man looked up and it was Roy Kinnear.