Nigerian LGBQT activists Freddie Jacob, Matthew Blaise and Victor Emmanuel joined the End Sars marches only to find fellow protesters turned on them. The activists who marched with the hashtag ‘Queer Lives Matter’ say that the fight for oppression should include Nigeria’s LGBT community too.
Our campaign’s simple demands to end casual police cruelty have been met with indiscriminate violence. This is what I’ve seen on the ground in Lagos.
If Kenny Jet gets it right, his vehicle will fly, float and drive on the road.
all women everywhere It just goes to show that cancer doesn't respect borders - it can happen to anybody, anywhere. If I can use my experience to support even one woman in Nigeria who wouldn't otherwise have access to the support they need, I'll be happy.
It is now more crucial than ever to ensure we do not leave the job of rebuilding Nigeria half done, but taking to the streets won't fix anything.
Last month an article in the Economist contended that, despite being "crowded, noisy and violent", Lagos is a positive model for the rest of Nigeria - maybe for the whole of Africa and that's the reason why the British Council has a long-standing relationship with this nation.
Fears are being raised that the worst ever outbreak of Ebola could spread to the UK after a man who flew from one of the
A mother who fears her two daughters will be subjected to female genital mutilation in her native Nigeria has been told she
A Nigerian mother who claims her two small daughters will have their genitals mutilated if they are deported back to Lagos