Last Week Tonight With John Oliver

The Last Week Tonight host showed off Trump's "destructive, pointless, ineffective, racist, weak" legacy to himself.
'Last Week Tonight' looks at gene editing.
“Last Week Tonight” host says kids are now leading the way on this debate.
Real estate mogul and human carrot Donald Trump has inexplicably taken to the top of the Republican polls with a torrent
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John Oliver has embarked upon a profanity-laden rant towards the perpetrators of the terrorist attacks in Paris which left
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The news has once again been flooded with stories of gay people being discriminated against in the USA over the past month
British funnyman John Oliver used his TV show to take on the bizarre cult of "predatory" televangelists in the USA, and even
When the US fell into the immortal fear of all drugs in the 80s, legislators set up mandatory minimum sentences which meant