Lean In

Last year, I debated at Cambridge University on the topic of ‘leaning in’ - the term made popular by Facebook Chief Operating
A US study shows women are not advancing in corporate careers, while Trump reverses progress for women in other areas.
Did you see the interview on Monday with Nigel Farage and Alastair Campbell on Good Morning Britain? Well, you had an opportunity
So, what exactly did it take to get ahead in the notoriously patriarchal courts of the 16th and 19th Centuries? Do the reigns of Elizabeth and Victoria hold any lessons for modern women? And is it really possible to "have it all?"
Chasing corporate success is one thing. When you're chasing the success of your own business, your business often feels like
I nearly choked on my coffee last week when I read an article in the Washington Post entitled "Why I hate Sheryl Sandberg?" How could this be? Isn't she the bible for all smart women my age? Didn't I internalise her mantras? Preach her words to my friends? Quote her stats to my husband? So how could this be?
For centuries, we've been stuck with the status quo: in the corporate world, in international affairs, in education, sports, media and everything in-between. The present state of affairs is very evidently not working, and yet it endures. It's time to start saying, loudly, "this isn't good enough anymore."
The boardroom can be an intimidating environment, especially when you're new to it. Old school boards can be either full of 'yes' men and cigar smoke with a controlling chair, or a noisy room full of jousting and bravado. Neither is ideal. Global agency network boards are steadfastly male dominated, so it's something I've had to adapt to, fast.
Stories are not studies. But stories themselves are not the path to knowledge. Knowing something requires research
Sheryl Sandberg's 'Ban Bossy' campaign, which is a stand against using gendered and derogatory language to describe women
Sheryl Sandberg's Lean In Foundation has collaborated with Getty Images to change the way the world thinks about women. Together
Hanlon explains that thinking about how men provide and access love, care and solidarity as separate from inequalities in social, political and economic life allows us to see both the inequalities that men experience and how men contribute to inequality by avoiding caring.
As a female working in tech I find that day in day out I come across a large number of advantages for women over working in other areas, which makes the gap between how many women work in tech and how many women ought to be working in tech even more extreme.
Most women have had that moment when we've had to stuff down a dream, a thought or an opinion because we were too afraid
At the talk, Trevor Beattie, responsible for French Connection's notorious FCUK advertising campaigns, remarked that the secret to success is being constantly curious, "we should be childlike but not childish and in a constant state of wonderment."
The bottom line seems to be 80% of that much sought after self-fulfillment kind of happiness comes from the 20% of my time which I am able to spend writing. Tying in with that oft quoted/ misquoted 80-20 rule or, the law of the vital few, which states roughly 80% of the effects, comes from 20% of the causes.
Gender balance in tech doesn't mean that coding styles or sales quotas will or should change. For me, gender diversity is about striving to have the widest-possible pool of opinion and experience on hand to spark innovation: the 'ah-ha!' chat over coffee, a new way of looking at a problem, or identifying an unexplored market opportunity.
I want my employees to be able to see motherhood (and fatherhood) as beneficial to their careers, not hostile to them. Making parenthood visible at Zaggora and emphasising the importance of personal contentment outside of work are two ways I hope to see that realised in my own workplace.
Oh how I wish I were a woman to benefit from your words of wisdom in Lean In. But I am man enough to let you know that I am on your side, not because I sense victory but because the issue that you have raised is close to my heart.
Equality is what I base my morals and principles on, and as I'm enjoying my Easter vacation from university, I thought I would join in with the endless supporters and critics of Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg's new book "Lean In", and see for myself if Sandberg really had anything important to say.