Learning disability

We should both applaud the show for casting a character with learning disabilities, and call out its throwaway lines perpetuating sad old stereotypes, writes former police officer Jim Gamble.
Change in way English GPs invite patients, but stops short of Scottish cover for mild disability.
People with learning disabilities, who are six times more likely to die of Covid, had "do not resuscitate" orders placed on their files.
A judge approved the plan after doctors said the woman was in pain and struggling to eat.
“It has been left to the media and desperate, anguished parents to expose the brutal reality of our system of detention of people with learning disabilities or autism."
The girl’s parents reportedly found an open window.
"All women have a right to be kept as safe as possible."
A huge weight has been lifted from my shoulders. Today, I can breathe again. Today, we confirmed our choice of school for
‎Young people with learning disabilities are at much higher risk of developing mental health problems
ID requirements could prevent people with learning disabilities from voting