Money, mould, monotony — they all play a role in your attitude about leftover food.
Ideally, don't keep anything longer than three days.
It all depends what type it is and how you're storing it, but we've got all the answers.
I love leftovers, I really do. Some people don't, which makes me wonder whether they a) eat everything they cook in one sitting, b) have bulging bin bags of food waste or c) simply exercise better portion control than me. Answers on a postcard.
At least that's what happens in our family. Mum always makes one (complete with teeth-breaking icing which I love - fondant is dirty word in our family), has the odd slice over Christmas and then, come the New Year, she banishes all leftover Christmas cake from the house and foists it onto me
Watch this video for tips on what to do with Christmas leftovers
The celebration of the last night of the year, Hogmanay, is the most important of Scottish traditions. My father had no recollection of joyful Scottish Christmases in the 1950s, when Scots worked over Christmas per se but he had fond memories of an Aberdeenshire end of year winter solstice feast. It is only within the last generation that Scotland has embraced Christmas.
In a chestnutshell Festive Freeze aims to help households save money and stamp out the absurdity of food waste. But it is not just households that can benefit from the campaign. Across the UK the prize for cutting food waste is considerable as it is estimated that a concerted effort could prevent £30billion tonnes of food being wasted by 2025.
So you cooked the fish, ate your fill and still have some left over. Unlike chicken, turkey beef and lamb, ideas for fish leftovers are sparse. One tip is to think of cooked fish liked tinned fish (i.e. tuna, salmon). Suddenly using it up seems much easier.
Whether it's sweet biscuits washed down with liquid sugar (juice) for breakfast or shop bought leftovers for lunch and dinner, reframing the way you see your food goes a long way to achieving the slim body you desire.
Not as hungry as you thought you were? No problem, just snap a pic of the leftovers and post them on Leftover Swap. Somebody
Leftovers should be put back on the menu for pigs to conserve food supplies, cut waste and farming costs and protect the
We work closely with local markets and supermarkets, using their surplus fresh ingredients to make chutneys before they are discarded, which we sell online and in food markets across the UK.