Life’s so short and it can be taken away from you in the blink of an eye – we realise that even more at this time of year
Am I really doing the right thing by lying to my child about the reality of life? This question often comes into my mind
To lots of people I became ‘Tom with cancer’ and I hated that. I’m not very comfortable with being pitied, but you get that a lot.
'I would donate again in a heartbeat.'
I don't know if Macmillan considered the thoughts and feelings of children and adults with cancer when they launched this campaign. I would love to hear. I don't know if any of us can contemplate how it must feel to lose your hair unless you've been through it yourself. What I do know is that we should respect it. I can't think of any other side effect which would be used such a crass and insensitive way.
Charlie Murphy, comedian and brother to Eddie Murphy, died on Wednesday morning following a battle with leukemia, TMZ reports
A cheeky 10-year-old with cancer has been inspiring the internet with his positive updates on Facebook. Felix Brown, from
A young woman who was diagnosed with cancer has written an open letter to thank the "stranger who saved my life and donated
A medical student is facing a race against time to find a stem cell donor to help her beat an aggressive form of leukaemia
A four-year-old girl has been diagnosed with cancer after doctors initially dismissed her illness as tonsillitis. mother
I felt like I was still in a little bubble dealing with my own diagnosis, without it being obvious to the world that I was a cancer patient. I knew as soon as all the hair was gone the bubble would burst and everyone would know - they just had to look at me.
I was devastated by my diagnosis, and the thought of the long battle ahead terrifies me. No university next year, no normal life, just intense chemotherapy and all of its side effects. But I know that I will fight and I will recover
A former star of ‘Made In Chelsea’ has revealed he has been diagnosed with leukaemia. Fabian Bolin has started penning a
Instinct and received wisdom tell us to lose a child is the worst bereavement a person can suffer. To watch life ebb from our own precious creation, a life we assumed would endure beyond our own demise, is a cruel disruption to natural order. To the uninitiated, it seems incomprehensible that such a loss would not result in the total collapse of our world around us.
Coming to terms with cancer is hard for adults, so imagine how difficult comprehending the illness must be for children. But
How do we deal with terminal or life-shortening illness? What do we do, if it is us, a loved one or someone we know? There is no off-the-shelf answer; there is no simple solution. It is a journey we may find ourselves on unexpectedly and unprepared, or we may already be on the way, knowingly or unknowingly.
Holy tear-jerker Batman! A five-year-old leukemia patient is set to become 'Batkid' for a day with the help of thousands
A 10-year-old Amish girl suffering from a life-threatening disease will have her treatment restored by an Ohio hospital, despite
A father who lost his son to leukaemia has called for a new law to give school and college students lessons about donating