levelling up

The Brexit opportunities minister backed Liz Truss's controversial remarks about Scotland's first minister.
A spokesman for the mayor of London said: “The prime minister is wrong – plain and simple."
Heather Wheeler faces backlash as questions are raised over the government's “levelling up” agenda.
Andy Burnham points out the staggering price of a two-hour train from Manchester to London.
The prime minister is visiting Scotland but won't meet with Scottish Tories - or ordinary members of the public.
Families and councils across London are begging for help as the number of children in makeshift homes soars by 65 per cent in a decade.
"Leaseholders should not be held responsible for work that was not their responsibility in the first place."
Study shows 4.3 million children were living in poverty in 2019-2020 and that rates in north east England saw biggest increase.