The actor denied assaulting his ex-wife during a trip to Australia, as he faced his third day of questioning at his libel trial against The Sun.
Social media knows no boundaries. You'll find the cyber-libeller potentially on every phone and on every discussion focused app, virtually, anywhere in the world. It does not matter whether you're uploading an opinion in Uttoxeter or Utah; subscribe to the feed, and you'll be fed whatever rage, bile or untruth the source feels fits the alleged crime.
Hopkins could have to pay Monroe hundreds of thousands.
Katie Hopkins has suggested she might appeal against the court verdict that requires her to pay thousands to Jack Monroe
I was warned. When I was thirteen, a friend of my older brother's said, 'Maggy, don't be nice. Be amazing, be mean, be honest
It has finally happened! Although it has been a long time coming, Donald Trump has officially declared war on democracy.
Concerns about press freedoms in South Korea has been an ongoing discussion throughout the years. With journalists facing
JK Rowling has been fully vindicated after a tabloid newspaper alleged she had composed a “sob story” about her time as a
You aren't being censored. The times when freedom of speech is restricted are remarkably rare and they exist for the greater good, rather than to stop you insulting whoever you like. It's probably correct that the police get involved when someone tries to post bacon through the door of a mosque, even if they claim to be exercising their right to freedom of expression.