Sir Michael Wilshaw says protests against same-sex relationship classes are at odds with UK values.
The DA still has a lot of work to do, most notably around race and representation.
If an African liberalism is to be forged, it needs to speak to the lived realities of people.
He has the sincerity and integrity to appeal to a wider electorate than currently consider voting for the Liberal Democrats. I believe in his ability to offer the country a vision that we've been desperate for, for many years. Liberal Democrat members have a huge opportunity in this contest to elect an honest, caring man as their leader. I hope he stands and I hope they do.
What is needed instead is a shift to stakeholder capitalism, a focus on class and economic inequality and an acknowledgement that patriotism and national identity should not be the preserve of the right. The centre-left architects of the successful post-war settlement would recognise this framework immediately.
A Background The debate about whether blacks can or cannot be racist is one which has persisted in social and political theory
While this is not an attempt to analyse and solve all the problems we are experiencing, I will focus on one particular issue – the freedom of religion.
When cool rational analysis works every time to preserve the status quo, it's worth asking why, and whose interest that apparent objectivity serves.
What's going to define public policy in 2017? With a bit of help from the think tanks, here's the top four challenges we've identified at Think Tank Review that will set the tone.