The Canadian prime minister, currently running for re-election, has apologised for a similar image that surfaced.
#TwitterLockOut gained substantial traction as many Twitter users cried foul.
As I left Westminster Hall, with the chant, 'Macron, Présidente!' ringing in my ears, I proudly grasped my EU flag whilst walking past Parliament, and once again felt what I had felt before last year's setbacks - inspired by politics - inspired by the possibility politics brings, let's all keep our fingers crossed and hope he pulls this off - En Marché !
In his 1928 musical play, The Threepenny Opera, Bertolt Brecht regales us with the following critique of the dehumanising
When someone unintentionally steps out of line, as hard as it may be, step up and educate, but do not throw them under the bus.
The idea of a progressive alliance between the Liberals and the Labour party would compound rather than erode the Conservatives lead. If the Liberals would enter an alliance it would likely haemorrhage their shy conservative support further into the hands of the Conservatives, as they will not want to vote for alliance that they will perceive to deliver a radical left wing approach to this country.
The United States of America is a vast country. It is inhabited by over three hundred million people and it's arguably the
So, if you feel abandoned by parties which have been overtaken by the extremes, I implore you: Come home...join the Liberal Democrats!
With you as the front runner and likely successor to Clegg as Liberal Democrat Leader, I feel I ought to express some thoughts and make some points to consider moving forward after the party's decimation at the election.
Crisis may seem a little alarmist. Maybe it is, but probably not. The Enlightment taught us that there exists no better way for us to accrue knowledge about the world than the dispassionate, evidence-driven approach of the scientific method and, conversely, no bigger obstacle to progress than ideology and dogma.