Oil companies BP and Shell are being investigated over allegations of price-fixing, distortions that could have harmed ordinary
Bob Diamond, the bank chief who quit in the wake of the Libor-rigging scandal, has claimed he knew nothing about how the
Mehdi Hasan sat down with Labour’s fresh prince, Chuka Umunna, ahead of the 2013 Budget to talk bankers, business and why
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If you believe the official hype, the FSA's apathetic conduct while the Libor scandal developed was entirely proper, despite being told explicitly by market participants that manipulation was afoot.
It is now six months since the LIBOR scandal erupted - and we are still trying to assess how much damage that and other scandals have done to public trust in the banks.
Barclays is to cut 3,700 jobs, it has announced. The jobs to go are 1,800 investment banking posts and 1,900 in retail and
Stephen Hester, the chief executive of the Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) has defended his forthcoming bonus by saying he should
The only senior member of management at RBS to lose his job in relation to Libor rigging, pleaded with his colleagues to
I have a simple solution to avoid the next financial scandal whether it's CDOs or Libor - hire more women. I mean it. Seriously. Some of women's self-questioning, collaboration and prudence would act as a much needed balance to men's more gung-ho approach.