live news blooper

BBC Reporting Scotland’s Monday morning broadcast gave viewers a fright this week when a giant wasp appeared to be buzzing
Deadly flood waters are currently plaguing the southern parts of the USA, but it’s not keeping this little boy down. The
Live sport + excited fans = lots of on-air naughtiness.
The Olympics are upon us, and the sheer amount of media coverage from around the world means there’s a lot of things that
You know how it is when you're doing really well on Angry Birds...
BBC News broadcast journalist Joanna Gosling was forced to jump into action on Monday when the cameras unexpectedly turned
A TV host was left red-faced on Monday when a guest made a blatant sex joke live on the air. 7 Greens Detroit Salad Company
Things don't always go to plan on the news.
We all love a good live news slip-up, and April was a great month for them - a Scottish Lib Dem was videobombed by a horny
A smart man once said "nothing is certain, except death, taxes and Windows updates." Anyone who has Windows at the moment