Liver Transplant

A surgeon has admitted burning his initials on to the livers of two unconscious patients during transplant operations. Simon
'You have to live your life, every single day, as if nothing is wrong.'
A woman in need of a liver transplant has shared an emotional video diary of her time on the waiting list, in the hope it’ll
Dom knows nothing about his organ donor, apart from that he was a man, aged 29, who was declared legally brain-dead. While this stranger's premature death is a terrible event, hopefully his family feel comfort knowing that he could have saved the lives of up to eight people.
A woman battling a rare, incurable auto-immune disease received a lifesaving wedding present just hours after she married
It's a medical first: identical twins in the UK have undergone a live liver transplant, despite originally not knowing that
Scientists have transformed human skin cells into fully functioning liver cells with "extremely promising" therapeutic potential
The number of people being admitted to hospital with liver problems as a result of alcoholism is rising dramatically, figures
A portable miracle machine that breathes life into ailing livers outside the body could revolutionise organ transplants, experts