The government is sending millions of lateral flow tests to tier 3 areas for community testing programmes, despite serious concerns about false negatives.
Anderson, who was arrested as part of a corruption investigation last week, says he has no case to answer.
Government figures from Liverpool showed the pilot scheme of rapid turnaround testing missed half of all cases.
The PM hopes "Moonshot" lateral flow tests can help areas lift restrictions and people visit family in care homes.
Health secretary urged MPs to vote for tiered restrictions after step-grandfather died.
PM and Matt Hancock need to be more transparent on both testing and the economy.
Community testing chief General Sir Gordon Messenger says the military-aided Liverpool scheme would be "undeliverable" for all areas in England.
It may help explain how some areas that were in tier 1 before the national lockdown have been escalated to tier 3.
A pilot in Liverpool will replace quarantine with regular coronavirus testing. Here's how it works and what it means.